A little more about Desiderata Education.  We supply COVID-19 protective disposables and custom-built equipment for your protection.

We changed the core functions of our business to that of a registered supplier of essential services and products in order for us to add value to the lives of others.

(CIPC Certificate:  Business Category:  Production and Sale Category A Regulation Goods are available on request).

Desiderata is forging ahead through the manufacturing, import, and supplying a range of essential products and services.

We are located in the rapidly expanding city of George, midway between Cape Town in the Western Cape and Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, and are currently distributing country-wide.

Desiderata is a part of the small business sector, a source of employment, and a driver of growth in the local economy, and we are not giving up on this.  Powerflow George aims to continue contributing to the well-being of all communities throughout our beautiful country.  Since the start of the business in 2003, we have embraced a people-centered approach, focusing on the employment of individuals from the local community, developing skills, enabling each individual to reach their full potential, building relationships, and thus bridging the socioeconomic gap.  Through hard work, faith, and perseverance, we have managed to expand the business and attract a diverse community of people and the like from an extensive portion of the Western Cape.

We believe that success and happiness are all about mindset, the latter needs to match your aspirations in order for you to achieve your goals.

In short, since the outbreak of the virus, we had to decide…are we going to sink or swim, and we chose the latter.

It would be appreciated if you could assist us in promoting our products and services.  Product images and pricelist to follow.

Yours truly

Liezl Lötter
Cell 082 326 5927

About Desiderata Education.